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Bespoke surreal expressions



I am Carolina, a sociologist and academic in areas of sociological research such as poverty, parenting and drug addiction. My work uses images to convey psychological messages within clinical and non clinical settings. I have found that surrealism is a powerful tool that can aid understanding and communication...

Visual Psychology

The desire is to produce psychological art that is figurative and surreal, yet compositions soaked with symbolism and meaning.



"Torn between mum
and dad"

Image commissioned for SEPIA Psychosomatic Group FEPAL... 


Body Dismorphia.jpeg

A child clinical psychologist and friend of mine asked me to provide surreal images to illustrate a clinical case for a conference...



The works of the great psychoanalyst and philosopher, Carl Jung, have always fascinated me. His writings about self and other and how the human...


Eating Disorder.jpg

"Eating Disorders"

October 2022



Through my work I explore human experiences and attempt to reveal through imagery the infinite possibilities locked within myself and those of my clients. 

visual psychology: 
the mind, the body and the Unconscious 

My artwork represents a journey through the heart and mind of the unconscious: a dimension where anything is possible, a place full of discovery about self and about the nature of our existence.

Art inspired
                   by Psychology


My latest commissioned art "Eating Disorders" will be displaying at Primer Congreso Hispano Americano de Trastornos de la Conducta Alimentaria, October 2022, Monterrey, Mexico

Eating Disorder.jpg
 "Eating Disorders" 
 Monterrey, Mexico – October 2022 
My Pal_edited.jpg

art inspired by my dreams

The Bird that bursts from the painting is an example of a dream I had some time ago. In my dream, I was visiting a museum where I saw a painting of a bird of paradise which captured my attention. Suddenly, to my astonishment the bird burst forth from the painting with such force that it left a gaping hole on the...

some visual psychology art

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What Clients Say
“Carolina has a tireless vital impulse and a unique possibility to move freely, to enter and exit through the corridors of conscious and unconscious contents. Her visual constructions, challenging and daring, offer us the possibility of entering, (sometimes without escape), to our own internal world.Thanks to the use of generally everyday and intimate symbols, she can make us laugh, whilst also splashing us with a cruel truth of which we are part.  Her productions can even incite the audience to face and even give form and understanding to intimate bypassed caverns.” 
Maria Isabel Sanchez Psychologist - Psychoanalyst Bogota Colombia 2021
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