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our Unconscious

Visual Psychology

visual recreation of a dream

burst forth

The Bird that bursts from the painting is an example of a dream I had some time ago.
In my dream, I was visiting a museum where I saw a painting of a bird of paradise which captured my attention. Suddenly, to my astonishment the bird burst forth from the painting with such force that it left a gaping hole on the wall. The bird began to flutter wildly around the room. The energy of that bird leaves an imprint on my memory to this day. 

Every time I see this image of the bird bursting forth, somehow I feel my mind can allow me to be free from circumstances where I see no growth; I can stand change however painful or leave behind situations where I attain no gain whatsoever to my own life.
The power of an image captured from the unconscious and retained in paper is incredible. Not only because it is an intrinsic part of yourself but also because it will continue giving you clues about your psyche over time.
It never seizes to amaze me how the physical drawing of my dream of a bird bursting out of the painting on a wall continues to soothe me.
A dream that you remember quite vividly can remain a faithful companion for a long time.
Although there are many ways in which you can interpret dreams I believe no one knows better than yourself when and if a dream is significant.

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